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50s – The Costa Brava Dandy Style’

An old vintage star is reborn: Rivieras was founded on the Costa Brava in the 50s. Worn by the "best-ager-dandies" at the boules and on the market square, with a glass of red wine in their hand and some village gossip on their lips. Today, this vintage style is conquering the streets of the metropolises again: "redesigned" true to detail and lovingly improved, you can see the shoes on the beach, on the deck, in the sun and even in the night sky’s´ shadows.

Rivieras shows that one silhouette is enough to create a diverse and interesting collection. While neither comfort nor style lose any of its relevance or value. Rivieras has divided, their different models of this one Silhouette, into three subcategories. These are called 10°, 20° and 30°. Those models adapt to gradual temperatures differently in terms of appearance and "Clime Control".