FASHION FACTORY acts as an interdisciplinary link between fashion, design, art, lifestyle, communication and digitization.

Only the successful connection from all esthetic advanced arts makes that the important principle of omni-channel-marketing functions for the success of a brand.
The basic condition is story-telling to convince the clients of the heart of a brand. Products arise in factories, values grow in our heads. Only the emotional charging of a product by story-telling, followed by the formed brand communities, leads to success. Therefore are the current social media channels and other communication possibilities of the digital age a chance of marketing, 15 years ago it was not imaginable.

The time in which we live today, is fast, digital and unpredictable.
Predictable  are only the possibilities we get through all. Today is the time of radical change and of crises, it is the age of lateral thinkers and omni-channel-creatives. There were never so much chances and possibilities, but on the other side there were never so much loss. ‚Swarming’ as a result of  the combination of story-telling and brand-communties is the key to success.

Today the definition of a uniform brand philosophy and the communication strategy decides on the success of a concept, a store or a brand. The values of products get newly defined: In the head and heart of the consumer. The phenomenon of ‚phygitalisation’ – the fusion of physical and digital – is the main factor of the ‚new’ definition of values and therefore the ‚aura of the precious’.