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FASHION FACTORY acts as an interdisciplinary link in the combination of fashion, design, art, lifestyle, communication and digitalization.

"Only through the successful combination of all aesthetically sophisticated arts can the maxim of omni-channel marketing, so important today, function in the creative professions and industries for the success of a brand. In this context, storytelling is a basicprerequisite for convincing the customer of the core of a brand. Products are created in factories, values are created in the mind. In our saturated markets, it is the emotional charging of a product through the 'storytelling' inherent in the factory, followed by the resulting brand communities, that leads to success. In this context, today's current social media channels and the other communication possibilities of the digital age represent an opportunity for marketing that would have been unthinkable 15 years ago.

The time we live in today is fast, digital and unpredictable. The only predictable things are the opportunities we create from all of this. Our current time of upheaval and crisis is the great opportunity for lateral thinkers and 'omni-channel creatives'. Never has there been so much opportunity and possibility, but never has there been so much 'swarming' either. Swarming' as a result of the combination of 'Story-Telling' and 'Brand Communities' is the 'Key to Success'.

Today, the definition of a consistent brand philosophy, its communication and the implementation of this strategy on all available channels determine the success of a concept, a store or a brand. The values of products are being redefined: In the minds and hearts of consumers. In this context, the phenomenon of 'phygitalization' - the merging of the physical and the digital - is the essential factor in the 'new' definition of value and thus the 'aura of value'."