Paris / 2012

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Quality / Innovation / Anti-Bacterial

Steam One

Don´t just dream it – Steam it

The idea behind SteamOne is simple and compelling: to boycott traditional ironing and drive the revolution of state-of-the-art steam appliances. SteamOne was founded in 2010 in Paris - the city of love. The focus is especially on the love of aesthetics, design and progress. Robust materials ensure top performance and European quality controls ensure the longevity of SteamOne products. In no time at all, every wrinkle is put to rest.


As Shakespeare once said, "To be or not to be. That is the question here," the question now is: Steam or not Steam. And the answer is: Steam! Not only can textiles be smoothed and disinfected at the same time within 5 minutes, but SteamOne also revolutionizes through mobility and flexibility. Sequined tops, embroidered shirts or delicate textiles. SteamOne is gentle on fibers and extends the life of your favorite garments. Goodbye wrinkles!