France / 1970

Men / Women

Pyjamas / Beachwear

Comfort / Tradition / Heritage


From butterfly to butterfly.

Eugène Le Moult lived the life of a connoisseur of bonne vivants from 1882 to 1967. He dedicated him and his life to the hunt for butterflies. Until today, he is still considered the world's most successful butterfly collector. After being born and raised in a French colony near the Amazon, he travelled the world, protecting himself and his fellow travelers with clothing and fabrics based on functionality.

His great-granddaughter Praline Le Moult has begun to revive his clothing in a special way. As a graduate of Central-Saint Martins & École des Beaux Arts de Paris & an LVMH Art Prize winner, Praline is the perfect inherit of her grandfather’s designs.

Familiar with grandma's stories & the information from the autobiography "Mes Chasses aux Papillons", the Japanese biography "Crowned by the Butterfly Net" and the scholarly works on Eugène's life in French Guiana, she reimagined the adventurer's clothes and cuts from 1900 to 1950 in unisex contemporary garments. The result is an intellectual mix of South Indian cottons, borrowed from the PYJAMA but interpreted in a city-suited and modern way: A superb symbiosis of history, tradition, craftsmanship and bohemianism.