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Finest english socks.

Louis Goldschmidt always believed that fine, seamless, fancy socks were in high demand. And Louis was right! The Pantherella name was officially registered in 1945 and the company moved into its new home on Hallaton Street in Leicester, England, where it remains to this day. In 2006, Pantherella acquired the iconic casual sock brand Scott-Nichol, originally founded in the 1930s by John Scott-Nichol. The family has more than seven centuries of experience in the Scottish wool trade.

The team of experienced designers and technicians pride themselves on being able to guarantee socks with a variety of features: seamless toes, increased knit tension, smooth sole, extended and reinforced verses and a generous elasticated top. Made from cashmere, Egyptian cotton and soft merino wool, these luxurious socks are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit - for men or women. Chic colors, classic styles and luxurious fibers are the hallmarks of PANTHERELLA. In difficult times like these, we are more than happy to add PANTHERELLA as a brand to our portfolio!