Antwerp / 2018


Knit Wear / Apparel / Accessories

Colors / Design / Details


Vintage inspired color blocking knits

Born in a creative studio in Antwerp, Our Sister is based on the idea of creating garments with hearty textures and vibrant, balanced colors. Nowadays, it's a difficult balance to stay true to yourself and stand out in an ultra-violet crowd. Together with a team of young designers and responsible fabricators, they aim to combine the best of both worlds: quality fabrics and sustainable fibers with edgy details. The collection features upcycled patchwork in bold colors, vibrant lining details and vintage-inspired color-blocking knits. Our Sister is the female counterpart of Castart. A brand founded in 2018 with the idea of shifting menswear into a more playful and diverse world. The brands' identities will complement and support each other, such as in the sourcing of fabrics. Much like within a family, the team, from Antwerp, believes in strong similarities and unique personalities to create exceptional style for men, women and non-binaries. Ähnlich wie innerhalb einer Familie, glaubt das Team, aus Antwerpen, an starke Ähnlichkeiten und einzigartige Persönlichkeiten, um einen außergewöhnlichen Stil für Männer, Frauen und Non- Binairies zu schaffen.