Antwerp / 2018


Knitwear / Apparel / Accessories

Color / Design / Details


A modernistic view on the past

It´s a challenging act of balance to stay true to yourself while simultaneously standing out in a turbulent crowd. Those who want to express themselves in subtle ways are often overseen, while those who try too hard are looked at as attention seekers. This balance is even harder to achieve in a world where color is so often undervalued, especially for men. For this reason, Castart set out to create a vibrant but understated style that seeks it´s equal in terms of quality. Since their first collection designed in Antwerp, Castart has always done things differently. Their materials are sourced from ethically responsible suppliers around the world. They work closely with manufacturers to constantly develop new, environmentally friendly production techniques. They are not constrained by artistic disciplines such as painting, architecture or music and believe this should not be the case with their clothing either - after all, art comes in a variety of forms. The creative thread that runs through each of their collections is the one of an artistic journey that allows them to tell their story through fashion. This is also the reason for the name "Castart", which is French for "cheeky man". Because the cheeky man does not tell the stories of others, he writes them himself.