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Best Coats of the Royal Navy

The British jacket manufacturer Camplin and the Royal Navy have a long existing history. CAMPLIN was founded by Edward Camplin in 1880, and with its original Royal Navy Peacoat, Camplin has since offered a practical and fashionable alternative to the classic coat. The Royal Navy Peacoat combines the original look of a double-breasted trench coat with the space of movement of a short jacket. Thanks to the innovative design, in 1888, Camplin became a relied-on supplier of the Royal Navy!

The former production for the British Royal Navy is still reflected in their collections today. Muted colors, classic cuts and tartans are all thoughtfully incorporated into the designs. Their range of Products gets completed by shaped coats with modern patterns, colors and cuts. The small, twisted cords on the lapels, give each model their characteristic Camplin charm. Back in the day, these self-twisted cords were made for the sailors by their beloved ones and made each coat unique. In difficult times like these, we are more than happy to add CAMPLIN to our brand portfolio and make it possible for this British classic with Italian flair to move into the best shops.